North Richland Hills Sprinkler Repair

Your Easy Irrigation Repair Solution

we do full irrigation repair service in North Richland HillsQuality sprinkler repair in North Richland Hills doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. By calling dedicated irrigation contractors instead of a landscaper or a plumber, you'll get the full attention of a team that charges less, arrives better equipped for the job, and gets it done faster. We work with systems old and new, can repair or replace any part of your system, and can even design and install a new system that will fit your yard like a glove. We're confident that you won't find a better team for the job in North Richland Hills.

Customer Reviews

When my lawn started to turn brown in several places I called for help. They found the problem - a single spray head was broken and made the rest of the system fail to work right. They fixed it fast and now my lawn is green again.~ Bailey H. ~

I needed someone to help me program my sprinkler controller. It was coming on at the weirdest times. Turn out there was a short in the wiring. These guys found it and fixed it. If I have another problem I'll be calling them first.  ~ Martin M. ~

Our North Richland Hills Sprinkler Repair Team Does Full Calibration Service

our North Richland Sprinkler Repair team does head by head sprinkler repairsOur sprinkler installers will also take into account the pressure of the water delivered to each individual spray head. This is very important when it comes to planting beds as a hard spray can knock off delicate flowers and destroy the entire reason for the planting bed in the first place. Every head will be calibrated from direction, flow rate and pressure so that it achieves the maximum irrigation in the most efficient time. Our calibration service can also often fix coverage and noncoverage issues without any new equipment. Trouble keeping your lawn green without breaking North Richland Hills' watering restrictions? We can help with that too.

Beyond Sprinkler Repairs in North Richland Hills TX

Our North Richland Hills sprinkler repair team does far more than residential and commercial installations, in fact a majority of our business comes from preventative maintenance and minor repair work. Our sprinkler repair techs are some of the best trained and most experienced in the area. Call our North Richland Hills sprinkler repair techs to see how professional sprinkler service is supposed to work. We'll schedule you for a site evaluation and get you started on your way to a leaner, greener lawn today!

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