North Richland Hills Sprinkler Repair

We Answer All Of Your Burning Irrigation Questions

Our North Richland Hills sprinkler repair team fields several questions every week. We figured it would be easier if we took the top five questions and answered them here to save time.

What is the advantage of having a sprinkler system?

we provided focused irrigation for planting bedsThere are several reasons to install a sprinkler system. It will keep the landscape outside of your home looking its best and add value to your home. Sprinkler systems also let you reclaim your free time. No more lugging around hoses and setting up sprinklers that need to be moved every 30 minutes. Another advantage is that you will save money on your monthly watering bill as the lawn will get only the amount of water it needs and no more.

Which name brand system is the best?

we install drip irrigation systems in North Richland HillsWhile we'd like to pick one brand that is better than all of the others, the truth is, the best system for one yard isn't the best for another. The right system for you is going to be based on several factors including the types of plantings that you have, your soil type, the drainage of your yard, the orientation of your home and several other factors.

I have some plants that need more water than others. Can a sprinkler system handle that?

we do custom system designWhen we design a custom sprinkler system, our North Richland Hills sprinkler repair team takes into account all of the different plantings that you have. There are specific pop up heads designed for different areas of the yard and we can customize a system that delivers the exact right amount of water to each of your planting areas.

Will I have to get up in the morning to turn the system on and off again?

we install automatic controller systemsMaybe. We would prefer that you purchase a system with an automatic controller system that would take care of turning the water on and off for you. This is not required but it is far more efficient. It also allows only certain areas of the lawn to be watered at one time and gives a greater amount of control to the system programmer.

How much is it going to cost to have a system installed?

we help you choose the rigth native plants to reduce water useThis may be the most common question we get and the only answer we can give is that it depends on several factors including the size of the system, the type of lawn you are looking to irrigate, your plantings and other mitigating factors. Call one of our NorthRichland Hills sprinkler repair specialists to get a rough quote and then work from there.